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Tooki lives in an alternate universe where the most advanced life forms have evolved from lagomorphs. He’s a pretty average type of guy who likes nothing better than to have a few carrot beers while playing videogames. However one day his world gets a whole lot more exciting when he receives a distress call; right through his TV!!

The call is from Alenna who is from an advanced alien civilisation who had to crash land her spaceship on an old Luna mining base. Her ship and the entire moon she is on is about to be swallowed by a massive sun and crushed by its immense gravity into an indiscernible infinitesimal piece of matter.

With just enough power left to reach out Alenna manages to find Tooki and ask for his help, being the friendly and accommodating chap he is; he readily agrees, grabs his bag of carrot beer and dives straight into the portal in search of much needed Carrotonium ‎936

Carrotonium 936. Is the most powerful element in Tooki’s Universe and is required to fuel Alenna’s spaceship.

She is going to need a lot of it; an awful, awful lot of it to escape the suns massive gravitational field. Fortunately, there is an abundance of Carrotonium ‎936 scattered all across Tooki’s universe. The only problem is… it’s not always that easy to collect. With only Tooki to save Alenna from her impending doom she is in deep shhhhh..... Trouble! Luckily Tooki has you to guide him.

Help Tooki navigate and solve 125 Puzzles across five unique worlds. Each world has different obstacles and perks creating an immensely addictive and rewarding gameplay.

You need to push and kick obstacles out of the way to send the Carrotonium 936 into rabbit holes "Goals" which will be teleported back to Alenna's ship. When all the Carrotonium 936 is collected from a puzzle the gate will open and you can continue your journey.

Careful though Carrotonium 936 has an unstable half-life and if not collected in time, it will fail and you will not be able to proceed, sending clocks into the rabbit holes can help preserve the Carrotonium 936. Pay attention to how the different coloured clocks affect the timer!!!

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