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Mayan World

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Centuries ago the Mayans predicted a great rabbit would fall from the sky and take all the Carrotonium from their lands. Using their brilliant knowledge of geometry they crafted complex puzzles with deadly fire arrows.

Tooki’s fate lies in your hands, you’re going to have to use your brain and quick reflexes to get our furry little friend past these 25 lethal puzzles.

It's dark, it’s wet and it’s a very, very scary place. Tooki adventure has landed him here surrounded with some of the most lethal puzzles in his known universe. These puzzles have Chompers, Mushies, Bombs and worst of all Fire Arrows!

You’re going to have to figure out how to turn off the launchers, negate starting others, avoid the Chompers and still find time to collect the much needed Cartonium.

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