Carrotonium ‎936.

The single most important and powerful element in Tooki’s Universe, it's required for fuelling spacecraft, opening portals, creating wormholes and much much more.

Carrotonium is found in abundance on every world in Tooki’s universe and while the advanced alien civilizations may realise its true value; the Indigenous people of these worlds worship it for their own beliefs and have protected it with deadly traps and enigmatic puzzles.

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Tooki Tokens are the currency throughout this universe and they can be exchanged anytime for the perks of your choice. They do NOT cost real money!!
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"Time flies when you're having fun" or when your under pressure with the clock ticking, a bomb about to explode in your face, the floor beneath your feet is cracking and the girl of your dreams about to be ... More

Need a little more space to move or just can’t get passed?
Drop a bomb and blow the crap out of obstructions or nasty foes blocking your path. ... More

"Regrets I've had a few" Made a bad decision or pressed the wrong button?
Grab the Super Rewind and warp back to before it all went wrong. ... More

Tooki has been living off Pizza for way too long!
Its time he got some fruit into his diet, this is a long journey and with his appetite he’s going to need a lot of it … More

Is Tooki the Easter Bunny?
Nope, but he loves them just as much as we do! And these Easter Eggs come packed with eggstra special rewards ... More

Mushies (Atropa Phalloides)
& Blobbies (locus Fungorum) Are so deadly if just one slips into a Goal, you’re going to need a Tooki clone immediately ... More

Chompers (Crocodilus Mordetis).
Extremely lethal creatures deliberately placed around puzzles to protect the precious Carrotonium from been stolen ... More

The Ancient Mayan Bunnies built the fire Arrow launcher centuries ago. They may seem archaic but these creaking and ratchety old things are still in full working order ... More

Hopefully this is not a sign of climate change in Tooki’s universe!
But these fragile patches of ice are found all over the Polar World … More

Space worms (Balanus Lumbricus) a parasitic life form found only in the outer most reaches of Tooki's universe.
With a propensity to grow in proximity to ... More

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation!
Oh Boy this sounds dangerous... I can’t wait to have a play" ... More

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