Tooki Tokens

Tooki Tokens

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Tooki Tokens are the currency throughout this universe and they can be exchanged anytime for the perks of your choice. They do NOT cost real money!! Tooki don’t like in-app purchases and neither do we! You earn tokens as you play the game they rewarded for high scores, unlocking achievements and completing challenges. If you are lucky you may find a bunch hidden in an Easter Egg.

If you run out of clones and tokens, you can restart the current world and get all your tokens back. You will only lose your progress on that world, but it’s easier the second time around and you can stock up for the journey ahead.

Tokens can be exchanged at any time even while in a puzzle, so if you’re running out of time and don’t want to waste a life or your current progress, buy a gold clock and bang it in the goal and continue on your journey.
You can exchange one Tooki Token for:

  • One Token = 1 Token Clone
  • One Token = 3 Bomb
  • One Token = 3 Clocks
  • One Token = 5 Super rewinds

Imagine a Universe with no in-app purchases!
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