Super Rewind

Super Rewind

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"Regrets I've had a few". Made a bad decision or pressed the wrong button? Grab the Super Rewind and warp back to before it all went wrong. We all make mistakes and bad decisions. Fortunately Alenna sent you a Super Rewind Controller exactly for these situations.

This device can roll back time, each time you press the button it will warp you back to before your last kick. As long as you have charges in you controller, you can keep rewinding right back to your first kick. So it always a good idea to keep them well charged.

Stock for the Super Rewind can be found in Easter Eggs, rewards for achievements or exchanged for Tooki Tokens at any time and stored in your backpack. One Tooki Token will get you five Super Rewinds, very reasonable and essential for those moments when it all goes wrong!

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