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Tooki lives in an alternate universe where the most advanced life forms have evolved from lagomorphs. He’s a pretty average type of guy who likes nothing better than to have a few carrot beers while playing videogames. However one day his world gets a whole lot more exciting when he receives a distress call; right through his TV!!

The call is from Alenna who is from an advanced alien civilization who had to crash land her spaceship on an old Luna mining base. Her ship and the entire moon she is on is about to be swallowed by a massive sun and crushed by its immense gravity into an indiscernible infinitesimal piece of matter.

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Tooki’s adventure starts here. A land steeped in mystery and lore the Celtic world is populated by descendants of the ancient Druid Bunnies, who claim sky gods gave them the Carrotonium to protect.

Tooki’s going to need your help to manoeuvre the Carrotonium safely into the rabbit holes; without blowing any up or accidently dropping some Mushies.
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Said to be the birth place of civilization in Tooki’s universe, these first architects carved out magnificent stone puzzles. Etched into the brickwork maybe answers we will never know or understand.

With your guiding hand, Tooki may be able to decrypt just enough to collect the Carrotonium and pass unscathed through the 25 puzzles.
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Centuries ago the Mayans predicted a great rabbit would fall from the sky and take all the Carrotonium from their lands. Using their brilliant knowledge of geometry, they crafted complex puzzles with deadly fire arrows.

Tooki’s fate lies in your hands, you’re going to have to use your brain and reflexes to get our furry little fried past these 25 lethal puzzles.
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Brrr’…. Rabbits don’t like the cold and Tooki is no exception. Our intrepid explorer has found himself in one of the coldest regions of his universe and the ground beneath his feet is not always solid.

Patches of Thin Ice covers the landscape; once broken cannot be crossed. Help Tooki plan his route carefully and keep him out of the icy waters below.
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So Tooki has finally made it into Outer Space and one step closer to rescuing Alenna, but this old Luna base is not going to give up its Carrotonium so easily.

Luna mining bases were created throughout Tookie's universe, millennia ago by the ancient alien bunnies. These bases where used to refine the Carrotonium found on other worlds and turn it into immensely powerful and clean energy.

The energy is carried across a complicated laser grid, which Tooki will need to figure out quickly in order to power the goals for Carrotonium collection, open the last 25 puzzle gates and eventually reach Alenna.

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