Egyptian World

Egyptian World

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Said to be the birth place of civilization in Tooki’s universe, these first architects carved out magnificent stone puzzles. Etched into the brickwork maybe answers we will never know or understand.

With your guiding hand, Tooki may be able to decrypt just enough to collect the Carrotonium and pass unscathed through the 25 puzzles.

One of the seven wonders of Tooki’s universe, the Egyptian World is fascinatingly breathe taking with monstrous stone structures that reach into the sky. But damn does this sand get stuck in your fur.

The Egyptian architects have devised some truly devious puzzles which will have you scratching your brain and it appears Carrotonium goes off in the heat as the timers seem shorter than before.

Although there are no Mushies to hinder your way, there is an abundance of immovable Chompers lurking on every puzzle, lying in wait for the distracted or rushed passer-by to become their next meal.

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