Celtic World

Celtic World

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Tooki’s Adventure starts here. A land steeped in mystery and lore, the Celtic world is populated by descendants of the ancient Druid Bunnies. Who claim sky gods gave them the Carrotonium to protect.

Tooki’s going to need your help to manoeuvre the Carrotonium safely into the rabbit holes, without blowing any up or accidently dropping in some Mushies.

Celtic World is a fairly laidback land but don’t let that fool you, the puzzles get progressive more complex as the journey develops. Mushies are harmless to push around but be extra vigilant none slip into a rabbit hole or that will spell disaster for Tooki.

There are bombs a plenty to help clear your path, but remember there is no health and safety here to guide you. So always stay the recommended safe distance away from the blast.

Eat well and keep an eye on the clock, good time management here will keep you out of the red. Utilize the different coloured clocks to achieve the best performances and you will be rewarded.

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