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Luna World

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So Tooki has finally made it into Outer Space and one step closer to rescuing Alenna, but this old Luna base is not going to give up its Carrotonium so easily.

Luna mining bases were created millennia ago by the ancient alien bunnies throughout Tooki’s universe. These bases where used to refine the Carrotonium found on other worlds and turn it into immensely powerful and clean energy.

The energy is carried across a complicated laser grid, which Tooki will need to figure out quickly in order to power the goals for his Carrotonium collection, open the last 25 puzzle gates and eventually reach Alenna.

With the star’s gravitational field now taking a firm grip, the clock is ticking and that’s not his only problems facing Tooki here. Alongside the complicated and deadly laser grid this Luna base is covered with Chompers, Blobbies and Space Worms. Getting the job done is going to be challenging and dangerous.

Tooki’s courage truly has no bounds, or maybe it just a hapless disregard for personal safety! Either way nothing is going to deter this little fellow from collecting all the Carrotonium and getting Alenna’s downed spacecraft off this doomed rock.

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