Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

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Is Tooki the Easter Bunny?
Nope, but he loves them just as much as we do! And these Easter Eggs come packed with eggstra special rewards. Lots of goodies can be found in Easter Eggs, from Bombs, Clocks, Super Rewinds to Extra Clones and Tokens.

Always keep an eye out for puzzles with more than one Exit Gate. These special puzzles will have a gate which is much harder to open but it will lead you to a bonus level which will have tons of eggs in it. Once you have eaten all the eggs they are done, the next time you play that puzzle, they will already be opened. If you reset the world, then they come back with all their goodies inside.

Certain levels will have very difficult eggs to score; but these eggs will not only have the greatest rewards, but occasionally grant you an additional achievement which will be rewarded with Tokens. So eat up all those Easter Eggs the first time you see them or the might be gone the next.

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