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  "Time flies when you're having fun" or when your under pressure with the clock ticking, a bomb about to explode in your face, the floor beneath your feet is cracking and the girl of your dreams about to be crushed by a giant star.

Luckily there are atomic clocks in Tooki's Universe made from the bi-product of Carrotonium. By kicking these into Goals they will dramatically affect the count down. You will also gain points for scoring them and lose points if you destroy one or drop one in an ice hole. They are fragile so keep them out of the bombs effective radius. They come in three varieties and each has a different effect on time. So pay attention when you use one or you may regret it.

  • Gold Clocks are by far the most valuable, made from only the finest refined Carrotonium they will reset your time back to 100% and will have no time distortion. You can exchange Tooki Tokens for Gold Clocks and store them in your backpack; they can also be collected within the worlds from Easter Eggs and other achievements.

  • Blue Clocks are made from more reactive material and although they add 50 seconds to your current time, they will also distort time and now your clock is ticking faster. So you better get a move on!

  • Bronze Clocks crafted from blended Carrotonium are stable and cause no time distortion; however they will set your clock to 50% of the start time; no matter what the current time is. So use cautiously!

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