Laser Systems

Laser Systems

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Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation! "Oh Boy this sounds dangerous... I can’t wait to have a play". The Laser systems on the Luna world comprise of three main parts.

  1. Laser Emitter
  2. Reflector Dish
  3. Laser Receiver

1. Laser Emitters are positioned on the side of a puzzle and cannot be moved. They are connected to the Luna Worlds extensive power grid and emit a very powerful beam that can be used to kill some pests or to open inactive goals.

2. Reflector Dishes can be moved around the puzzle freely and can be used to bend the light from the Laser Emitter. These Dishes are made of a sturdy space polymer and cannot be destroyed by a bomb blast.

3. Laser Receivers, positioned on the puzzles walls and cannot be moved, they are directly connected to only one goal, check the receivers’ monitor panel to understand which goal it will power.

A goal will deactivate immediately if it does not have power. You can turn on and off goal as you need by diverting the power from the Lasers. Do not look directly at the beam. Do not obstruct the beams. These lasers are very powerful, if Tooki gets in the way he will be zapped. You can however have beams cross each other as much as you like, this is not Ghostbusters!

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