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Carrotonium ‎936.

The single most important and powerful element in Tooki’s Universe, it's required for fuelling spacecraft, opening portals, creating wormholes and much, much more. Carrotonium is found in abundance on every world in Tooki’s universe and while the advanced alien civilizations may realise its true value; the Indigenous people of these world worship it for their own beliefs and have protected it with deadly traps and enigmatic puzzles.

Each puzzle will require you to send a set amount of Carrotonium into the rabbit holes "Goal" in order for the gate to open. Be careful though! Carrotonium 936 has an unstable half-life and if not collected in time, it will fail and you will not be able to proceed along your journey.

Keep a constant eye on the timer bubbling away. When it hits red, you have a very short time to either run out the gate or score a clock. Carrotonium is sensitive to bomb explosions, so make sure you keep it out of the blast radius. If you lose even just one, the gate will not open. Fire Arrows and lasers will not damage it, but make sure not to leave it too long on a patch of thin ice. If it goes in the brink you’re done!

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